Get Involved

How do I get involved?

Prayer is the first step. Prison ministries require a great deal of time, money, spiritual and emotional resources. Be sure that you are getting into this for right reasons.

Kairos of Oregon has many places for you to serve.

Serve on an Team. Actually work inside the prison or with the guests at a Kairos Outside weekend.

Serve on a Prayer and Sacrifice Team. Provide the needs for the weekend experience inside, prepare meals, banners, letters, chapel services, prayer chapel.

Write letters. Teammates each write a letter of encouragement to the participants inside.

Get on the Prayer Chain. Pray for one hour during the weekend. You can pray from wherever you are but there is also a prayer chapel that is staffed by the Prayer & Sacrifice Team the duration of the weekend (a truly powerful experience).

Get your church's Sunday school classes to color placemats for mealtime in prison (really has an impact).

We also will be blessed by your generous financial support. It costs roughly $180.00 per inmate and a full weekend has 42 inmates (7 tables), it's not uncommon to have a church or Sunday School class sponsor several inmates or even a whole table for the weekend.

Next Step

Locate the Kairos program closest to you and contact the Advisory Council Chairperson. They'll get you on the mailing list or put you in touch with the Weekend Leader. You'll only be a stranger for the first few minutes of the first team meeting. Kairos people are some of the nicest people in the world.


Prepare to be blessed. The prison environment is as foreign as many far away mission fields are. Some of the people you meet will be just like your neighbors are and others come from some pretty extreme circumstances. Our Lord Jesus loves and values each and every one of them. He will speak to them with your voice and touch them with your life. The Kairos Outside experience is very similar in that we are dealing with deep wounds and broken hearts. It is a pastoral ministry and the blessings flow both ways.

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